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Science-backed manifestation techniques

Do you want to create an amazing life but just don't know how?

Maybe you have been trying to get something that just seems out of reach for years and years.

Or maybe you are a seasoned "manifestor" but something has just stalled out.

Sometimes we unknowingly push away the thing we want.

The truth is we don't manifest from our thoughts-- we manifest from our unconscious beliefs. Only 5% of your conscious thought actually drives your actions. The other 95% of the time, you are operating from your subconscious programming. And most of that was installed in our bodies from age 0-7 by our woefully wounded parents.

That's where Consciousness Reprogramming comes in. When we can reprogram our consciousness at all levels, we can actually create from intention instead of from wounds.

For example, say you want a bunch of money. And you follow all the "guru" advice in saving, paying off debt, and investing. Then something completely beyond your control shows up and all your years of hard work is swallowed up in one fell swoop.

Most people would cry victim and give up. But you know a little secret about your programming. And you find the old, painful wound that called in this chaotic event. Once you find it, you listen to it and heal it. Your finances are somehow restored!

This principle works in every area of life-- health, wealth, and relationships. When we operate from a space of our true alignment, we call in the thing that is in our highest good. 

The courses and sessions available here are scientifically and intuitively designed to help you re-program your consciousness from the comfort of your own home. No one has to see you ugly-cry, and you can get the healing you need so you can finally get the things you really want.

If you don't want to go it completely alone, you can join the supportive Facebook group The LAST self-care group you will ever need!

Just grab the free stuff below to get started and see how powerful this work really is <3

Available Products


The first step in truly manifesting your life with grace and ease is self care

Yoni Egg workshop

supercharge your healing + manifestation with yoni eggs

Healing into Self-Love

Love yourself in 3 hours or less!

Healing relationship toxicity

Get rid of slimy, goopy, sticky relationships that just won't go away!

Untriggered Challenge

A 21 day challenge to heal your triggers + stop reacting

Triggers, Trauma, and Grief processing

Processing grief is never discussed! Come work through your grief (past, present, and future).

Healed Believers

Release Church trauma so you can manifest your highest good without judgement

Healing Back pain--lower

Heal the root cause of back pain!

De-stress your ROI

Calming the Spirit of the busy, stressed-out business owner without a drop in productivity.

Uncrush your Life

DO you feel CRUSHED by anything??

Healing with the Stars

heal your astrological chart so you are in alignment with YOU

Release Resistance to Changing your Food

If you want the life you want, you might have to change your food. It doesn't have to be scary! Click below to learn more!

Advanced Muscle Testing

For people and practitioners who want to use muscle testing in a deeper way of healing

Calibrate your Intuition

For people who have trouble discerning their intuition and believing in themselves

Deep Openness

Heal yourself like you are on psychedelics without being on psychedelics

Word Of the Year

Get your word of the year, heal your astrological chart, and custom monthly astrological updates!

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