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Do you know what self- care looks like?

Self-care is SUCH a HOT topic that so many people are just throwing the word around. 

"treat yoself"

"hold your boundaries"

"you should eat healthier"

"try taking more baths or a yoga class"

The truth is, NO ONE KNOWS! 

That's why I am COMMITTED to figuring out the most efficient ways to take care of yourself. After 10 years of research and trying *literally everything,* I have come up with the three most important things to focus on. Once you have these three things NAILED down, you can make CLEAR decisions about everything else! The three MOST important things are:

1. Self- love!  A person whose heart is closed off to the world is disconnected from reality. We cannot make clear-headed decisions if we are disconnected from reality. And this pretty much happens out of protection and because of trauma.

2. Sleep! You can't make ANY clear-headed decisions if you are not sleeping well. And the people who end up working with me are not sleeping because the mind is racing. This is fixable!

3. Water! Water is SO important to our bodies. Every water molecule stores memories, can cleanse, transports nutrients and molecules through our bodies... and the list goes on and on! If you are not hydrating properly or the water you drink isn't getting absorbed well, then your neurons will not fire well!

I have courses that address all the nuances of each of these three tenets-- to meet all budgets! And I add more ALL the time! 

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Get your self-care basics! Free stuff to get you started on your road to being clear headed and moving forward in life.

Triggers, Trauma, and Grief processing

Processing grief is never discussed! Come work through your grief (past, present, and future).

De-stress your ROI

Calming the Spirit of the busy, stressed-out business owner without a drop in productivity.

Release Resistance to Changing your Food

If you want the life you want, you might have to change your food. It doesn't have to be scary! Click below to learn more!

Uncrush your Life

DO you feel CRUSHED by anything??

Healed Believers

Release the pain of growing up in the Church 

Healing relationship toxicity

Get rid of slimy, goopy, sticky relationships that just won't go away!

Advanced Muscle Testing

For people and practitioners who want to use muscle testing in a deeper way of healing

Calibrate your Intuition

For people who have trouble discerning their intuition and believing in themselves

Self LOVE session!

Love yourself in 3 hours or less!

Receiving compliments comfortably

Do you struggle to accept compliments? This meditation course will help you receive compliments and gifts with grace and ease.

Healing Back pain--lower

Heal the root cause of back pain!

Healing with the Stars

Learn how to heal your astrological chart!

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