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SO many people have been told that they need to LOVE themselves more or love themselves FIRST. But no one really has explained HOW to love yourself if you don't feel it!

Common lies people tell themselves why they don't love themselves:

💥the problem isn't that you hate yourself because you aren't skinny

💥the problem isn't you hate yourself because you are in debt

💥the problem isn't you hate yourself because no one else will love you

🤯🤯the problem is you don't KNOW how to love yourself.

This is a self love workshop that you can attend live on zoom or watch the recording and I really want you to come out of it BELIEVING that you are worthy of self love.

Most people who don't love themselves have some kind of trauma around love and self worth.

They feel frozen or don't even know how to take action on self-love. The methods I use have REVOLUTIONIZED how people clear trauma. Instead of spending weeks and weeks talking out something, these sessions have helped people clear 8-9 major traumas in a matter of MINUTES.

😱you don't have to write the same affirmation over and over hoping the next line you will believe it (but inside you are rolling your eyes)

😱you don't have to listen to recordings of someone droning on and on (and something inside you is still rolling your eyes)

😱 you literally don't even have to talk about what happened to you!The reason affirmations don't work is because we have not honored the pain that is causing the resistance.

This will be 3 sessions where we will do this powerful healing work and then we will have a q and a afterward. Sessions should be about an hour each.

Normally I charge $125 per session per person so if you were to get 3 sessions with me it would be $375.Probably once it's all done I will sell the recording for $127.

I'd love for you to grab this as an early bird for $37!

I'm also here to help people love themselves not take people's money for no reason so if you get it and don't feel like it made any shifts for you then I will give your money back. 

Grab your spot for only $37! do it! your body will love you!

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