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Healing into Self-Love

Self love.

It's a hot button topic.

It's a fad, even.

Lots of us agree-- we need to love ourselves more or love ourselves first. But no one really has explained how to love yourself. How do you even open your heart to self-love.

We put all these rules around feeling loved, or we think we will love ourselves when...

-When we are thinner or hotter

-When we are out of debt

-When someone else shows us how to love ourselves.

💥the problem isn't that you hate yourself because you aren't skinny

💥the problem isn't you hate yourself because you are in debt

💥the problem isn't you hate yourself because no one else will love you

🤯the problem is you don't KNOW how to love yourself. Mostly because-- you were likely not taught that self-love is normal.

We were all raised by wounded adults who were trying to use other people to feel loved themselves. You probably didn't know it but you may have been the way your parents were trying to feel loved. This made your self-worth external-- you were not allowed to feel loved until you made someone else feel loved. 

Your worth was tied up in someone else's emotions-- it was beyond your control.

This workshop teaches you how to open your heart to true self-love. It deepens your experience of love without conditions. It will release all that tension in your heart that says "I'm not good enough."

It puts your worth and love back in your own hands.

This is a self love workshop that you can work through from the comfort of your own home.

It's designed to be used over the course of 3 weeks so your shift is gentle but lasting. It also comes with 3 weeks' worth of journaling prompts so you can really lock it in! The methods I use have revolutionized how people clear trauma. Instead of spending weeks and weeks talking out something, these sessions have helped people clear 8-9 major traumas in a matter of minutes.

You are worthy of feeling loved and valuable! You can do this! It's so easy! Just listen, yawn, and sleep your way to self love <3 <3 <3

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