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Triggers, Trauma, and Grief processing

Have you ever gone in circles of anger about the same thing no matter how many times you "talk it out?"

I'm going to tell you a secret-- it's probably grief that is causing your problem, not anger.


Are you missing your gallbladder?

You may actually be harboring resentment due to unprocessed GRIEF (yes I will explain this one!)


Did you just have a major life event and know you need to do some processing around grief due to the loss of a marriage, loved one, or home?

Even the unprocessed loss of a favorite pencil can create problems in the body years later (this really happened to me!)

Join us at 9pm EST on 6/3 for a major overhaul in your energy fields. This will cover the triggers and trauma that are trapped in unprocessed grief, as well as release the pain of current, active grief.

Western awareness does not acknowledge or teach grief processing very well. At best it is analyzed in an attempt to push through to acceptance or "see the silver lining." At worst it is ignored or even ridiculed. But actually processing it is elusive. We don't even have a good definition of grief that doesn't directly mean grief.

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 Triggers, Trauma, and Grief
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