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Healing with the Stars

What if you KNEW how to use your astrological chart to heal yourself?

What if the guess work in how to work in your highest good was just... gone?

This is why I am offering Healing with the Stars!

This program will show you exactly how to identify key points in your chart-- especially points that might feel "sticky" or "stuck" or even insurmountable.

And then you will use the steps in this session to heal them so you can skip the part where you bang your head against the wall trying to figure out what your chart is trying to tell you, and get right to the part where you soar.

Pluto conjunct the sun? Solved!

Have a t-square or a grand cross? Resolved!

Sneaky, sneaky Yod? Relieved!

If you can heal your whole chart, you can pretty much do anything. Literally nothing will stop you from creating the life of your dreams. This is the exact process I use as an astrologer and a healer to shift people's lives dramatically in even 15 minutes. I am giving you the keys to every chart you could come across.

And if you don't know what Yods and T-squares are, then that's actually great news.

I would be selling this course for $777 because it is such a powerful healing tool. But you can't buy it.

This is an advanced course for people who are already astrologers.

And I am looking forward to YOU becoming an astrologer! 

The world needs more people who can understand the stars. The world needs people who actually understand themselves. The world needs people who want to understand people.

Light-filled astrology with Naomi Fox Reina has helped over 80 people find clarity in their life purpose, understand themselves, and understand their kids. 

I have astrology for 10 years and I still chose to take this course and become certified. This course is easy to understand for people who don't know anything about astrology and shares deep wisdom for people like me who have already been studying it.

I wish this course was available 10 years ago when I was making sense of Mars and Jupiter. (I'm pretty sure I didn't understand houses at ALL until I took this course lol)

For anyone who signs up for Light-Filled astrology with me, I will give you Healing with the Stars, absolutely free.

Whether it's the self-study course or the full coaching course, you will get Healing with the Stars

You will also get a FREE One-hour session with me!

So in addition to Naomi's course, you will get:

Healing with the stars: $777

One-hour session 1:1 with me: $222

That's $999 of additional value absolutely included in the already LOW price of the certification! And payment plans are available <3

Click the link below to find out more about Naomi and Light-Filled Astrology. Make sure you use THIS link to claim your spot in Light-Filled Astrology AND get this magical healing course as a bonus. Don't delay <3 It's totally worth it!

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