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Word Of the Year

Word of the Year 2024:

Once again I am offering a Word of the Year.

This year, it will be a little different. 

YOU guys told me that a February (or end of January) delivery date would be most ideal. This makes so much sense! It allows everyone to recover from the holidays, tie up loose ends, and reflect inward when it's dark and cold.

So the WOTY will be delivered at the end of January.

There are several options, depending on what you want to achieve.

1. 15-minute recorded session. This will include the explanation of your word, the choice of your word, and then we will dive into your astrological chart with the word. We will see which part of your chart you will need to focus on so you can hit the "skip" button on a lot of the life lessons and get into the good stuff. We will also clear any blocks to moving forward with your word. This session will be relatively short, but it will be POWERFUL! This session is $55

2. 15-minute recorded session + FULL 1 hour chart reading + clearing-- we will dive into the word itself for 15 minutes, defining it more and more clearly, clearing ALL the blocks. A separate 1 hour session will be recorded for your chart reading. We will clear out ALL the chart-related blocks to your word, match your word with your path for the year, and highlight important transits upcoming in the next year. This session will be $220 if purchased after January 1st, 2024, order in December and get it for $175

3. 15 minute recorded session + FULL 1 hour chart reading + clearing PLUS monthly updates-- Everything in (2) above PLUS you will receive a 1 hour session pre-recorded every month that includes:

  • Where your monthly energies will be best focused for optimum goal-meeting,
  • what to expect each month,
  • I will tap into your energy and create a custom meditation for you to listen to that month
  • If you get sick, I will tap into the energy of your ailment and create a custom meditation for you to listen to

Starting in January, this will be $220/mo. If you purchase in December, you will lock it in for $175/mo

Only 10 spots are available for this option-- so when they are gone, you will have to wait until next year!

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