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Healed Believers

Do you feel like GOD is a four-letter word?

Do you feel like you are missing important aspects of culture?

Do you feel connected to Nature but don't know how to really commune with it?

Do you feel the powerful mystery of stone-carved symbols but don't know why?

Do you harbor anger and resentment toward your upbringing?

Are you having trouble manifesting your dreams?

Are you afraid of a "slippery slope" of learning about crystals and sage and psychics?

It's not your fault.

If you're like me, you grew up in a narrow-minded church. A place where you had to act "according to God's will," dress modestly, and "the still small voice" had unspoken human rules. 

God's plan for your life couldn't possibly include tangible objects like Rose Quartz, incense, astrology, Tarot cards, ancient runes, and incantations.

Could it?

In this self-guided healing course, you will learn:

-The ancestral reason white women are rightly accused of "cultural appropriation" and what to do about it

-How to heal from Christian terminology without feeling like you have to go back to church

-Using "new age" tools like Astrology, crystals, and runes without losing your faith

-How to heal your Divine Femininity and bring it into your faith

-Releasing controlling beliefs on sexuality so you can feel empowered and enjoy sex without feeling guilty

-The explosive power you are probably (unknowingly) using to create the opposite of what you want! Turn it around with this course to quickly create your dreams.

-Forgive the people who tried to control your Spirit and Soul without the pain of re-living every moment of it

-Read the Bible (and any other book of wisdom) with fresh eyes as a living text instead of the static format of how you were taught to feel when reading it.

-Learn about the Biblical GODDESS that no one is talking about enough (no, it's not someone named Mary)

About me:

My name is Jaye Anne and I'm an energy healer. I grew up in a non-denominational, bible-believing church (we lovingly called it the "Holy Rollers" church). I was homeschooled and eventually schooled in that church. 

My biggest breakthrough was when I had my kids. I was really stressed out and nothing was helping. Going to church would make it worse somehow. I pushed the pause button on my religion and was determined to understand what was going on with me.

I studied the Bible. I spent my entire adult life separating out the culture of Christianity and what was actually in the bible. I worked my hardest to remove the wounded patriarchal lens of how the Bible was translated, so I could understand God's thoughts.

Then I took a big gulp and tried some ancient wisdom. Wisdom that I was told to be evil. Crystals, Tarot, sage burning, Astrology, scrying, moon cycles, incantations. This was supposed to be the slippery slope! Why did my anxiety disappear? Why did I feel more rooted and comfortable in my skin? If it was so evil, why would it permanently relieve my panic attacks?

I will show you in this course how to use these tools and access Divine Energy that is your birthright. That's been hidden from you because of the wounding of others in power. The modules include:

-Releasing charge around Christian and Pagan terminology

-Releasing fears of energy healing

-Healing the Divine Feminine

-Reclaiming sexuality

-Be comfortable with boundaries

-Reading the Bible with new eyes as a living text

-Tools to work with Energy Healing

With this program you will also get:

-Weekly workshop: support calls to help you in your healing journey

-Access to the Healed Believers Facebook group so you can collaborate with others who are feeling this way too!

It's risk free. If you don't feel like this was helpful or if you complete the program and are not seeing any shifts in your life, I'm happy to return your money.


“When I felt prompted to work with an energy healer I interviewed several before I found Jaye Anne.  What I liked about her approach is that she is very honoring to the person she is working with and respects their beliefs and boundaries.  I always learn something and make good energetic shifts with Jaye Anne!” ~Erika G.

“Jaye Anne is extremely in tune. In a time of my confusion, she helped me get a clearer picture and remind me I'm in the driver's seat. I'm grateful for her gift.” ~Lily M.

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