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Healing Back pain--lower

Back pain is no joke.

When it's bad, it's horrible. And it can come out of nowhere.

When we are dealing with lower back pain, it can be even worse than upper back pain. Lower back pain makes it difficult to sit and even stand. 

If you are dealing with or have dealt with back pain, I don't need to tell you any of this. 

This kind of pain is the "give me anything, I don't care what it takes, make it stop" type of situation.

And it can be financially destructive too.

Back pain, especially lower back pain, is the most common reason for extended sick leave in the US. It is the most common reason to take 12 or more days off of work.

Can you imagine having to give up ALL your vacation days for an entire year because you are in pain? That's not a vacation!

And if you don't even get vacation days, then that's a lot of time (and money loss) being unable to work.

If you are a mom at home with little ones and back pain, my heart truly goes out to you. Your perseverance is probably more impressive than you believe.

And many people have tried it all...

-chiropractic care


-cortisol shots

-heavy duty medications


sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. And then there's the fear that it will come back!

This session will help you get to the root cause of your back pain-- stuck emotions!

Here's how it works: stuck emotions become stress in the body. Stress in the body weakens the muscle functioning, which causes imbalances in muscle tone, AKA knots.

Over time, stuck emotions can also create issues with the vertebrae themselves. Stress (stuck emotions) can be trapped anywhere in the body, though the muscles are the most common location for them to start.

How will a group course or even a pre-recorded group course help me?

The session has two parts-- one part will clear out common emotional causes of lower back pain. Some of these causes are:

-Financial instability

-Feeling like you are everyone's "rock" or that everyone depends on you and you ALONE

-Resistance to hydration

-Generalized fear

-Stressed and over-taxed adrenals

-Self sabotage and martyrdom

-Resistance to self-care

The session will explain how these things actually connect to back pain, and clear them. If you are feeling things like the above but are not yet having back pain, getting this session may help prevent future back pain episodes!

The second part will include things you can do to customize YOUR back pain situation and clear your emotions 100%. 

We will also discuss some nutritionally supportive things you can do to supercharge your healing process!

My one to one sessions right now are $150 each, and most people will need 5 sessions to fully clear their back pain. This would be $750

I'm offering this session to you for only $45.

Will your story be like Sarah's*?

Sarah was having intense back pain and could not sit or stand for more than 1/2 an hour. This had gotten progressively worse for the past year. One of her kids was getting married halfway around the world and she was very worried about the flight. After working with me, she was able to go to her child's wedding! She can sit for 4-5 hours now with zero discomfort. The changes happened drastically too-- it only took two weeks to resolve <3

for $45, you can barely feed a family of four at a fast food joint anymore. Skip the inflammation of the fast food and solve your back pain today!

You are worth it! You really are!

*name changed

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