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Healing relationship toxicity

Do you have someone in your life who is just really REALLY frustrating you? It's not because they are a bad person. And you are not a bad person!

It's because the relationship has toxicity in it!

You can clear it!! You have the power to clear out the toxicity in a relationship WITHOUT completely severing it.

And once you have cleared the toxicity in the relationship, the distance between you and the other person will become optimal. This means that you and that person will AUTOMATICALLY come to a healthier frequency (as in, how often) of interaction. AND the interactions will be more uplifting when you do see this person!

I have cleared the toxicity from many relationships in my life. Not to get too personal, but I went through a divorce and I could NEVER have thought I could talk to this person again. But we have kids together so DERR I have to. As I cleared the toxicity from the relationship, our interactions have been much more palatable. Sometimes we just chat at kid exchanges now! I have used these techniques to clear work relationships, family relationships. ALL KINDS! 

I don't have relationship problems anymore! 

You deserve to experience this too! This session will help you IMMENSELY!!

DO it now!! <3 <3 <3

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 Healing Relationship Toxicity
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